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Bread to the Nations is committed to coming alongside our leaders in Haiti to help ensure the overall well being of families. The first priority is to help encourage their faith walk by giving them access to God’s Word. In a country where it’s estimated that only 50% of Haitians are able to read and only a few own a Bible, the Audio Bible is the perfect solution for bringing the Word to each family.

BttN is partnering with World Mission, Inc to bring Audio Bibles to Haiti. The Bibles are equipped with the New Testament, easy to operate and are solar chargeable. They are designed for use in a small group or home. When fully charged, they operate for up to 14 hours.

In August, 2015, Bread to the Nations leaders in Haiti distributed some of the first Audio Bibles in their church communities. Through BttN, the Audio Bibles have now been given to families and new believers in three church communities in Haiti.

One of our leaders, Pastor Pierre, started a new church in an area where many have not heard the Gospel. The new church meets several evenings a week on the side of a mountain and has grown to over 30 people. There is a higher percentage of people in this area who don’t know how to read so there is even a greater need for Audio Bibles.

Most recently, Bread to the Nations’ water filter system promoters have been distributing Audio Bibles while they promote and install the filters.

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Each Bible costs $30 and will be taken over with teams travelling to Haiti.


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Pastor Pierre at the location where the new church meets

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