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Thank you to all who have contributed to the overall cost of rebuilding the New Destiny in Christ Children’s Home. The girls, Firmin and Magalie have been sleeping under the roof of the newly constructed first level (Phase I) of the home since its completion in August, 2013. The boys are still sleeping in the dilapidated temporary structure in the backyard.

Let’s get the Boys in the House!

20131108_072639The estimated cost to complete the home (Phase II and Phase II):  $50,000 (including furnishings)

Current amount raised: $50,000+

Current amount left to raise: Fully funded!

100 %

The following are examples of how your money will be spent towards supplies for the rebuilding project:

$25 will purchase 40 cement blocks (2457 needed)

$50 will purchase 15 large titles (158 needed) or 43 small tiles (53 needed)

$75 will purchase 3 units of washed sand (79 units needed)

$100 will purchase 14 bags of cement mix (627 needed)

$500 will purchase 23 units of gravel (43 needed)

$1,000 will cover one-third of the electrical costs

$2,000 will cover all the plumbing

There are other costs, such as wood, iron, transportation and labor. Please contact us if you would like to know more details of where your money will be spent.


Construction will begin when the funds are raised. Our target date to begin construction is February, 2015!

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