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Pastor Pierre (right) carrying water to those devastated by the hurricane.

Since our last communication to you, we have learned more details about a devastating situation in the southern peninsula of Haiti in an area that is dear to the heart of one of our ministry partners. Last week, Pastor Pierre traveled with members of his church to check on his family and birthplace after the hurricane. They live near the city of Port Salut, one of the worst hit areas.

After arriving to his father’s home, Pierre stated that the devastation was way beyond what he expected. He said, “Everything had been destroyed; kids can’t go to school, trees are gone and many people lost the roof on their homes.”

Ten days after the hurricane, this community, on the outskirts of Port Salut had not yet received any aid. According to Pierre, there were organizations on the ground but they did not bring food or water. Bread to the Nations (BttN) has tried to advocate for this area to receive help but relief organizations are overwhelmed with the magnitude of the destruction from the storm. Organizations have been working tirelessly to reach as many people as possible but despite their efforts, they can’t reach everyone.

BttN sent a small amount of funds to Pierre’s church for them to distribute food, chlorox and water to families and churches. God has given Pierre a plan to help his family and friends in this small community. He has asked if BttN would partner with him to help rebuild roofs and plant trees. We have agreed to help our brother but we need your prayers and financial support.

Please continue to pray for Haiti. The needs are overwhelming. What we are able to contribute may seem small in comparison to the big needs, but what ever you can give, big or small, will make an impact on someone’s life.

Click on “Click Here for Secure On-line Giving” on the right side of this page and designate your giving to “Rebuilding after the hurricane”. 100%, minus a small on-line processing fee, will go directly to help Pastor Pierre provide for the needs of families in his birthplace. We will keep you posted on the progress.

You may also remember that BttN is raising funds to help Pierre start a tap tap business. We have not lost sight of our focus on job creation and education. We believe these two areas are key to breaking the poverty cycle and improving the infrastructure in Haiti. Go HERE to learn more about the tap tap business. Please also consider helping to make this a reality for Pierre. Giving Pierre this opportunity will not only help him provide for his family but will also allow him to help others in need and rely less on our support.

Thanks again for your partnership. Again, we will continue to keep you up to date on our partnership with Pierre to help rebuild after the hurricane.

God Bless!

Bread to the Nations Team

rollin house building 2Rollin Gust, a sponsor and friend of Bread to the Nations, has been in Haiti the past three weeks to help with this building project. The two room home, that is almost complete, will include a concrete floor and a bathroom with a shower.

The family receiving the new home is an intact family with five children. A home will provide them protection and help keep their family together. This falls in line with the mission of Bread to the Nations, which is to Build Up, Support and Strengthen the Church and Family in Haiti.

When complete, this will be the third house that has been built for a family in Pastor Firmin’s church since Bread to the Nations first started partnering with Firmin and the church.

Although building homes helps improve the lives of our friends in Haiti, the most important reason why we go and serve in the first place is because God first loved all of us so that we could love one another. The friendships that are formed as we serve, reflects the love He poured out for us. During his 4 weeks in Haiti, building relationships and sharing the Gospel has been Rollin’s priority. He has had the opportunity to not only preach for two Sundays at Firmin’s church but has also had the privilege to lead others to the Lord.
Thank you Rollin for your service and friendship to our brothers and sisters in Haiti!
Rollins hous building2

Last Week Blessings Christian Church hosted a Revival. They invited a different church each night to join them for prayer and worship.

A word about the revival from Pastor Firmin:

“This is one of the periods of the year where people are burdened with financial need. The Lord led us to hold the revival on the theme taken from Col 3:2 so that the people can keep the right perspective on their spiritual life. As a result, many people are refreshed and encouraged in their faith and in their walk with God. Some got the Spirit of baptism. Thank you for your prayers and support.”
Pastor Firmin Louis
Pastor of Blessings Christian Church
“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” (Colossians 3:2)

Pastor Firmin’s church, Blessings Christian Church is located in the foothills of the mountains in Carrefour, Haiti, among the poorest of the poor. It’s “like a city on the hilltop that cannot be hidden.”

Firmin planted his church in this location as a response to God’s call. In April, BCC celebrated 10 years together as a church. For the past two years, Bread to the Nations has come along side the church through prayer, financial support and by sending teams to learn and serve in the immediate area. These efforts have encouraged and strengthened the local church and its members. The revival is a result of how the local church in Haiti can be even more strengthened when they unite.

Pictures of the revival at Blessings Christian Church:




Pastor Brian Farka, Pastor of Student Ministry at Alexandria Covenant Church (ACC) along with his wife Joyce, will be leading a youth team to Haiti through Bread to the Nations to serve in Pastor Firmin’s church community. The team of 14, including four adults and 10 teenagers will travel June 21 – June 29.

The team will begin their experience in Haiti by participating in a Sunday worship service at Pastor Firmin’s church, Blessings Christian Church (BCC). Brian will give the message and some of the youth will be involved in leading music alongside BCC’s worship team. Sunday afternoon, the team will join the youth team from BCC for an afternoon field trip to tour caves in Haiti.

One of the team’s main projects for the week will be to assist in the rebuilding of homes of two families who are part of the BCC community. The rebuilding projects will be coordinated and supervised by local masons.

Both homes were significantly damaged from the earthquake in January 2010 and have been unlivable since that time.

Home rebuild project for elderly woman in Pastor Firmin's church

Home of an elderly couple from Pastor Firmin’s church before the rebuild project


Home of single mom with children before the rebuild project.

Home of single mom with children before the rebuild project.

Team members will also have the opportunity to observe the Medika Mamba clinic managed by Children’s Health Ministries (CHM). They treat malnourished children and educate parents on hygiene and nutrition. The team would like to bless this ministry by bringing donations of reusable tote bags and empty prescription bottles. If you would like to contribute either of these items, please bring them to Brian at ACC.

Team members who sponsor children in Pastor Firmin’s home will also have several opportunities to connect with their sponsored child throughout the week. At the end of the team’s stay, the team is treating Firmin’s household to a day at the beach.

Please pray for the team as they prepare these last final weeks before their departure. Pray for God to prepare the hearts of the team members and the Haitians, that they will each learn from each other and grow in their relationship with each other.

You may contribute financially to this trip by mailing donations to Alexandria Covenant Church, 4005 Dakota St, 2014 Summer Project – Haiti, Alexandria, MN  56308. Write checks to ACC. Please leave the memo line of your check blank if you would like your donation to be tax deductible. You may indicate your desire to designate your contribution towards the trip on a separate note.

I’ve been wanting to write this since last Sunday and since it’s Saturday I need to get to it! Sunday School in Pastor Firmin’s church is FUN! We start at 7am and as people come into the church they split into four groups immediately. Children right front, men right rear, women left front and youth left rear. Everyone then practices memorizing the verse of the day as a group, repeating after the leader over and over until they have it. Some people have Bibles but may do not and they are all very committed to memorization of Scripture.

At the end of about 45 minutes each group stands and recites the verse in unison. This is a competition and they are very competitive! The youth group almost always takes the memorization but often the children run a close second.

There is also a collection taken in each group and banner awards are given out for 1) memorization winner, 2) offering winner and 3) most guests winner! It is great fun to compete against each other in such a good natured supportive environment (everyone cheers for everyone else). It is a great way to reinforce Scripture memorization and to encourage bringing guests!

Liz and I enjoy this immensely and this week’s Scripture is 1 Timothy 3:10 “Se pou nou sonde yo anvan.  Si apre sa, nou pa jwenn anyen oou repwoche yo, yo ka sèvi dyak.” Literally translates as “It is for you all to look at their hearts first. If after that you find nothing to reproach them for, they can serve as a deacon.”

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