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Bread to the Nations leaders have been researching options to bring clean water to our partnering church communities in Haiti. Through our research we concluded that bio-sand water filter systems are the best long term solution in Haiti. Clean Water for Haiti (CWFH) is an organization that employs Haitians to build and install bio-sand filters in Haiti.

In May, Steve and Tammy Hagstrom travelled to Haiti to meet with the directors of CWFH, to see their facilities and to work out the details for a partnership. They made arrangements for CWFH to install two systems in the homes of our Haitian friends. After a four month successful trial period, a partnering pastor will now promote and sell the filter systems in his church communities.

CWFH does not believe in just giving the filters to families. They require that all families contribute $5 towards their filter system. This ensures a better chance that the family wants the filter and will make good use of it.

Our plan is to start with one church community and install 30 filters at a time. We are giving you the opportunity to purchase one of the first bio-sand water filter systems to be installed in Carrefour, Haiti!

Just a few benefits of the water filter systems:

  • Saves Lives!
  • Removes 99.99% of all disease causing pathogens
  • Helps prevent diseases and malnutrition
  • All natural and easy to maintain
  • Saves on costs from buying water
  • Includes education and follow-up visits
  • Made in Haiti by Haitians
  • Each Haitian family required to contribute $5 towards their water filter
  • Best permanent solution for clean water in Haiti


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