Phase I Fundraising and rebuilding complete!

Fundraising Progress for Phase II & Phase III:  Fully Funded and construction is complete!

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Bread to the Nations is currently working with a Haitian architect and contractor to rebuild the New Destiny Children’s Foundation home where Pastor Firmin and his family live. The photo on the left shows the front of the home. As seen on the right, plans have been drawn for a two story structure. The boys will be on the bottom floor, and the girls on top. Firmin and Magalie’s bedroom is on the upper floor, as well as a study for them. The children will have space to study and play, and the kitchen and eating area in the back will be completely redone.

The building project is being divided into three construction phases: phase one is the stabilization and expansion of the lower level, phase two is the addition of a second story, and phase three the furnishing of the home.

Phase I
– Stabilize existing structure: exterior and interior walls and roof
– Add addition to the rear for kitchen, dining area, and laundry
Phase II
– Add on second story with bedrooms, study spaces, and bathrooms
Phase III
– Furnish the home: 20+ beds, tables, chairs, etc

Phase I
Phase I is now complete!
Phase I has stabilized the existing structure. The Louis home was left standing after the earthquake of January 2010, but was structurally damanaged so that it was too unstable for the family to live in. The 22 member family was living in a plywood shack in the backyard space of the house. They also were doing all their cooking, studying, working, and laundry there with only dirt floors and a tarp for cover. The photo below shows the plans for phase I of the project. There will be four bedrooms for the nine boys (they are currently still in the shack in back of house while the girls sleep inside), a study/gathering area and an expanded bathroom in the existing structure. The addition (seen in orange) is a larger kitchen, eating area with two picnic tables, and food storage area. A space has also been designated for laundry at the back of the addition.

The photo on the left is the kitchen where the cooking for 25 people was being done every day. (To the right is the new kitchen.) There were two propane burners and a charcoal burner, dirt floors, and everything is covered by a tarp. The table in the foreground was the only surface available for food preparation, and a large wooden bin was used for storage of produce.
Dried staples such as rice and beans were kept in a plastic bin. As seen in the plan, an entirely new kitchen area will be built with more propane burners, shelving and cupboard space, more food preparation areas, and areas specifically designated for food storage. The kitchen is currently only partially complete, with the rest coming in phase II.


The photo below left was the all-purpose living area. Eating, studying, ironing, playing, and working were all done in this area. The picnic table is where the children all ate and studied, and it was too small for all of them to fit. This area was also covered by a large tarp that leaked when it rained, and had dirt floors as well. Laundry was done on the ground nearby the eating area. A new concrete pad has been laid in this area, and an additional picnic table had been added for additional eating and working space. This area has a new roof above it, so it no longer needs a tarp to protect from sun and rain.


To the back of the new addition, where the plywood structure currently stands, will be an open area for the children to run around and play. A higher wall has been built surrounding the entire property topped with razor wire for safety.

Click here for more photos of the completed first phase!

Phase II
Phase II of the building was completed in August, 2015!

Phase III
Phase III will furnish the house for living. Bunk beds will be purchased or built, as well as tables, chairs, shelves, and other necessary furnishing items. Our own Leanne Tearhaar will be designing many of the items herself with the specific needs of the family in mind.

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