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The Tap Tap was fully funded in December 2016 and the business has been in operation since April 2017

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Pierre’s Story:

Pierre lives with his wife and 2 children in Carrefour, Haiti. He has been a trusted friend to Bread to the Nations (BttN) leaders for the past five years. In 2010, soon after the earthquake, Pierre planted a church that met right on a street in Carrefour. Each Sunday morning, the church set up rows of chairs and welcomed anyone who wished to join them for worship. In 2014, God answered the prayers of the church and gave them a building to meet in, which is where they continue to meet today.

Pierre has also been following God’s call to start a school in an area of Carrefour where there is a lack of schools. After breaking ground for the new school, Pierre saw the need to bring the Gospel to this remote area. Pierre planted his second church that meets on the side of the mountain at the building site for the new school.

Pierre would like to be able to provide for his family and support his ministries without being dependent on outside resources. One business that has consistent, all-year-round revenue opportunities, is a Tap Tap business. Pierre has expressed interest in owning and operating a Tap Tap business. After further research and discussion with our accountability partner, Herbert, our team is confident that this business has great potential to help Pierre support his family and ministry. The BttN team wishes to help make this a reality for him.

Here are the details:

What is a Tap Tap?:  A Tap Tap is a small pickup truck with benches in the back to transport people. It’s Haiti’s main form of public transportation – the equivalent of a taxi in the U.S.

What is the cost of a Tap Tap and how will it be funded?:  The estimated cost for a reliable pick up truck plus the work needed to convert it to a Tap Tap is $7,500.

Bread to the Nations hopes to raise this amount through ministry partners like you. Once the fullamount is raised, our team will give half of the money as a loan and the other half as a grant. When Pierre pays back the loan, the money will help fund businesses for other families in Haiti.

What are the benefits to BttN?: Teams travelling through BttN will always have a reliable source of transportation; Pierre will no longer depend on BttN for support; and this will help restore the dignity and self worth of a BttN partner and friend.

BttN is leading two teams to Haiti this June. We would like to raise the funds so that Pierre’s Tap Tap business is operating by this time.



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